Cleveland Magazine: Balancing Bold and Subtle Colors


House of L featured in Cleveland Magazne, March 2019
House of L featured in Cleveland Magazne, March 2019

The House of L was featured in the recent Cleveland Magazine article, “This Westlake Home Balances Bold And Subtle Colors”.  As the piece points out, “Lots of color doesn’t mean every color — forget the Crayola box effect or basic, bright accent walls. Instead, the owner leaned toward a cooler palette, preferring hues of blue, teal and jade.” The House of L design team then worked at “weaving these colors throughout the home across various shapes, textures and watercolor-like treatments,” to great effect.

According to The House of L’s lead designer Libby Palmieri, “Color doesn’t always have to be ‘big’. When using shape and color, be subtle by introducing different sizes — like a light fixture, a tile or a doorknob.”

Check out the full article in the March 2019 edition of Cleveland Magazine for all the details!